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Alternative plastic sail for your pond skiff ...
If you enjoy experimenting with different sail rigs, maybe even some you've thought of yourself, you can make sails quickly at almost no cost using the plastic from shopping bags.

All it takes is some plastic tape (the frosted "Magic" tape seems to resist water better) and a few minutes of patience to get you out on the water with a new sail rig.

This animation show's the order we follow. We often use soda straws as "mast sleeves" which allow for quick rig changes while leaving your mast in place.


SBpondyacht2.jpg (17103 bytes) Here she is with the sprit taped right to her sail. Works surprisingly well.
PYtwosprit.jpg (15853 bytes) .

There are "fancier" ways to rig her if you are going for that authentic traditional look and like to play with string.


PYtwosprit2.jpg (9465 bytes) Here she is rigged more the way full sized boats are rigged. It doesn't involve taping the sprit to the sail so the shape stays a bit smoother..
SBpondyacht1.jpg (23987 bytes) Here are some plastic sharpie sails doing their job in light air.

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