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Summer Breeze 
Chine logs....

First a confession.  You know how sometimes when you make one thing simpler, you may two things more complicated? Well it looks like I might have done that. I love this slotted stem for the ease of gluing sides and for the nice curved cut water you can make with little effort. However, it turns out that the chine logs and the gunwales now have to have a compound angle cut on them to fit the stem. So here's a choice point for you. You can use a normal internal stem sawn at 27 degrees, and skip this compound angle stuff or you can do what I did. Get out your bevel gauge.

chinebevel3.jpg (8827 bytes) First you measure this angle of sides to stem 

chinebevel4.jpg (8775 bytes) and mark the chine.

 chinebevel1.jpg (8490 bytes) Then mark this angle of the sides into the stem. 

chinebevel2.jpg (7992 bytes)

 chinesaw.jpg (7641 bytes) Then cut it with your saw of choice. (I love these Japanese pull saws) 

 chineclamp.jpg (9414 bytes) Then dry clamp the chine log in place. 

chinenail.jpg (11157 bytes)

chineclamp2.jpg (12664 bytes) Unclamp half the chine log, apply glue and re-clamp and hammer the nails home. Hold a sledge or heavy weight behind where you hammer as a "bucking iron." It absorbs the impact of your hammer and makes it all much easier.

Do the same to the other side.

chineplane.jpg (9895 bytes) The chines are planed level with a hand or power plane. A straight edge helps. A long board with course sand paper on one end will work also. Resting one end on the other chine keeps the sanding end level.



HOME - Dream Catcher Model Sailboat  Kits Ready For Christmas!