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Summer Breeze 
Transom - 

Made of solid 1x12 (3/4 x 11 5/8) the bottom measures 29 inches and the top 34 inches. This is for the outside of the transom. That way if you decide to make your transom of thinner or thicker stock it will still be right. The aft, or outside dimensions remain the same.  The angle is 13 degrees. Or 103 degrees for most circular saws, since your adding 13 to 90. Remember to mark the center clearly on top and bottom edges. This is crucial for alignment later.

The arched crown addition is optional. (Looks sweet though.) The transom could also be made from or 3/4 ply if you have it. My first Summer Breeze transom was made from 2 x 12 stock. Which turned out to be overkill.  

This is from 1x12 stock. (The photo shows 2x12 stock from my prototype SB.) The half measure of the top is 17 3/8" - half measure of the bottom is 14 5/8".  Lay out the transom from a square center line, then set your circular saw to 13 degrees (or 103 degrees if it reads from 90).  One is that it's easier to cut a solid transom than to make a frame with appropriate bevels and sheath with plywood. That kind of transom takes 5 pieces of wood instead of one.  Besides, you'll notice I've  pretty much used up the plywood in our two sheets already. One more plus is that it provides a sizeable gluing surface, so stands a chance of surviving the outboard motor that someone will inevitably try to put on it during its lifetime. (An electric motor is fine, but this is primarily a sailing / row boat, not a motor boat.)

transomsaw2.jpg (14344 bytes) 


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