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Shorty's tips...  visit his web site.

Alternative Hull coverings...

-- Instead of using fiberglass and epoxy, a really cheap alternative is
to use muslin fabric (or bed sheet fabric, possibly ballistic nylon)
that is then painted onto the bottom.    Originally heard that from
Roger Harlow, he doesn't do the internet.

Rigging ideas...
-- Use shower curtain loops instead of mast hoops for spars (bolger
group somewhere)

-- Use zip ties instead of lacing a sail to a mast (bolger group)

Trick for gluing keel or skid to boat bottom...

-- Attaching skid to bottom of a hull:  Normally people screw the skid
to the hull, and when the glue dries they take out the screws and have
to patch them.   What I do is make a skid that is longer than the hull,
apply glue to it and lay in proper place on the hull.  then weight each
end with buckets filled with stuff.  The buckets are kept from falling
off the end by a nail or screw partially driven into the skid.  Then put
small weighted buckets along the length of the skid to hold it down,
using more partially driven screws to keep the buckes from sliding off
the skid (screws or nails into skid, not into bottom).  Uses the force
of gravity to compress the skid while waiting for the glue to dry.  I
uploaded a sketch of this to the mouse group photo section under misc
details --> skids (you can copy to your site if you want)   This is one
of the few ideas I discovered by myself, although others may have
discovered it before me.

Inexpensive water tight hatches and inspection ports.....

Instead of making a water tight hatches, or buying deck (inspection)
ports, take a regular rubbermaid container, or 5 gallon bucket, cut the
container down and just use the lip / lid sealed to a bulkhead.

Originally saw on the bionic log from Skip Johnson -- look at the 2002
conroe messabout pictures.

My favorite stuff for this job is "Marine Goop".  Get at Home Depot, in
small squeeze tube or the big caulking gun type. 

No need to buy these containers....

I just picked up 2 of the 6 gallon buckets (12" diameter lids) and 4 of
the 9? gallon buckets (15" lid) for FREE from a local pool cleaning
company.  They go thru tons of buckets of cleaning supplies and just
throw them out. 

What I am thinking of doing is cutting it down to the right depth, then
using a belt sander to get rid of the extra rings around the bucket so
only 1 ring is left beyond where it screws together. 


Cockpit Tent:

Another idea I discovered on my own (standard disclaimer, others may
have discovered before)

Instead of sewing your own cockpit tent, just buy a regular camping tent
and cut the bottom out of it, install some snaps and affix it to your
boat.  I used this concept in my 2000 Duckworks boat design contest: