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Simplicity Boats
Thanks to Herb McLeod One Sheet Skiff plans, I escaped "wanna be boat builder" land.
Here's a brief tour of a first boat project. I hope it inspires you to start your own.
Click "thumbnails" to see larger images.

Scraps of paper and wood, a balsa model, and  a small dream...

stem, sides, frame, transom, gunwales, chine logs... 
The kit is born! cygkit.jpg (8297 bytes)

clampgun.jpg (7615 bytes) some clamps, 3/4" SS screws and 3M5200 (faith?) 

botmodel.jpg (5499 bytes)3 hours later "mini cygnet" calls her into the world... 

sailmake.jpg (6084 bytes) Green polytarp, carpet tape, 1/4" sisal rope and my wife Julie's skill and patience...  

2 hours later... the first rigging! firstrig2.jpg (6790 bytes)

launching gathers a crowdlaunch.jpg (8266 bytes)

hullpaint.jpg (15052 bytes) 2 coats of primer and 2 latex "severe weather" paint

paintrigged2.jpg (21619 bytes) She's dressed for air! (Is that a baby swan on her tail, or a deformed duck?) No afts ends or butts about it! It's some fowl creation... (ouch)

sailing1.jpg (3743 bytes)sailing2.jpg (2624 bytes) She sails! To windward no less....

julerow.jpg (6969 bytes) And rows...  and she motors...

fleet.jpg (5787 bytes) she mingles with the "fleet"

drawing2.jpg (7184 bytes) A sketch in TurboCad 

Rig details:
Kick up rudder of 1/2" ply, pivots on 3/8" SS bolt - large coffee can lid washer acts as bearing between rudder and kick up blade.
Leading edge of rudder is capped by slit polybutelene tubing.
Rudder is lashed on in two places - top of transom and at the skeg.
Rudder head (swans head?) also faced with tubing and rests on top of transom.
Lashing is with releasable cable ties, but could be line.

25 sq. ft polytarp sprit sail - made fast to mast with small cable ties.
mast is 6 'x 1 1/4" closet pole, sprit is 6 1/2' x 3/4" square wood rounded, 5/16" dowel at peak (goes through rope loop at sail peak) and notch at base for snotter.

Snotter is 1/4" cord - constrictor knot at mast, with an overhand loop "in the bite" - goes around notch in sprit - up through loop and down to 1/2" hole in mast partner. Tensioned like a truckers hitch. Tapering notch cut in 1/2" ply mast partner acts as a jam cleat for snotter. (image later)

1/4" line around sail perimeter acts as down haul, and goes through another 1/2" hole and another jam cleat notch.

Leeboard is 1/2" ply 7"x21" wetted, pivots on 3/8"SS bolt with wing nut.

For more info, or comments contact David at:  

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