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Simplicity Boats
Links to some folks who helped with information & or inspiration.
I know I left many out, but more to come:

Gavin Atkin's Free Boat Design Resources:
It was through Gav's site I found Herb's plans, he also moderates a great amateur boat design list.

I'm now building Dave Carnell's "$200 Sailboat" a rework of Bolger's Featherwind. Interesting site.

Bill Young's site - Check out his lapstrake canoe. He uses a ShopBot.
He also has run a high school boat building project for several years.    Check it out.

Great Encouragement to boatwrights!

Craig O'Donnel's Cheap Pages: bamboo, Bolger boats and much more.

Jim Machilak's essays: An great resource for amateur designers. And some nice boat plans as well. Send for his catalog!

John's Nautical and Boat building page:
He also has the The Mother of all Maritime Links! It's searchable!

Messing About In Boats - my all time favorite boating mag - twice monthly - get it

Duckworks Magazine! Chuck's put together a great index of plans and articles that can get you out of your chair and into the garage!

Some interesting design software:

Blue Peter Marine (Hullform hull design software, including public domain obsolete version)

Carene40 and Carene50 (Hull fairing and sheet expansion programs from Robert Lainé, free evaluation copies)

Hull design shareware:(at the bottom of the page, let it load)

Gavin's Hull's tutorial:

Sail making info:
Robert Laine's amazing sail and boat design software!

A Tyvek sail - the  paper houses are wrapped in and shipping bags are made from.

Polysail - they sell kits for making white poly tarp sails - good tutorial too!  


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