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Local Wood Butchers! 
Rod Million

Rod Million began his love affair with boatbuilding in '97. As you can see, he's a quick study.

rodcanoe.jpg (97019 bytes) Here's on of his canoes. All Rod's boats are strip built of cedar covered with glass and epoxy.

rodwherry2.jpg (97708 bytes) Here's his cosine wherry. 

rodsboats.jpg (102093 bytes) covering 

rodsurf.jpg (152709 bytes) Rod's working on one of the two Hawaiian surf boards he's made. 

rodsurf2.jpg (159981 bytes) He's in the clean room of his shop. Notice the rows of lights on the walls.  

rodshop2.jpg (47802 bytes) As Rod rubs out the gunwale of a rowing shell you can see his shop behind him. The man doesn't scrimp on tools. 

rodwherry3.jpg (48655 bytes) He takes his wherry for a morning pull around Melrose Bay. 

rodshell.jpg (48118 bytes) Another shot of his shell. It's awaiting the sliding seat hardware. 

rodcanoedetail.jpg (48087 bytes) Details, details, details... he canes the seats himself of course. 




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Last updated October 24, 2000