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"Dream Catcher" 
Pond Skiffs...
by Simplicity Boats  - Eight Boats in ONE!


Penny Pine Puddle 
Who says a penny won't go far 
these days?

When I was 9 years old, a model sailboat in a toy store window got me dreaming about sailing. I saved for many weeks to buy it, and spent many hours enthralled with imaginary voyages. It looked real good, but could have been even more inspiring if it had sailed well.  PYjessysail.jpg (26981 bytes)
I've been making model boats for years trying to come up with one that was simple, good looking & rugged but most importantly would sail really well. I also added to my design "wish list" a potential to explore the behavior of different sail rigs. 
We almost named Dream Catcher "Skitzy" meaning either a ritzy skiff, or a pschitzy skiff in that her many rigs lend a variety of personalities to your craft. They are sort of the "Transformers" (tm) of model sailboats, with enough variety to spark anyone's imagination!

There's nothing quite so powerfully creative as a dream held in a youthful mind...  SEED THE DREAM...

SBpondyacht2.jpg (17103 bytes)  I'm happy to report I finally have developed a kit that I hope will spark the imaginations of many a young sailor. SBpondyacht1.jpg (23987 bytes)
Her assembly requires no tools or glue. Some tape and our simple step by step instructions can have you sailing in minutes.

She can be "bare boat" sailed - unfinshed wood - or painted and decorated to the captains whim.

There are "fancier" ways to rig her if you are going for that authentic traditional look and like to play with string.

 PYtwosprit.jpg (15853 bytes)  PYtwosprit2.jpg (9465 bytes) Here she is rigged more the way full sized boats are rigged. It doesn't involve taping the sprit to the sail so the shape stays a bit smoother.

Detailed instructions provided. 


The hull is solid pine, 12" long by 3 1/4" beam. Her lines are based loosely on my sharpie skiffs Daydream & award-winning Summer Breeze.

She comes with precut sails and spars enough to make an assortment of rig configurations. Her moveable keel allows great flexibility in rig balance. You can choose your favorite rig and be sailing her in minutes. Or you can explore through the exercises in "A Brief History of Sail" and maybe learn a thing or two about how sailboats work, or the pros and cons of various rigs. 

The rigs are assembled on mast sleeves allowing speedy and simple rig changes. This allows quick changes to suit changing wind conditions, and also experimentation with different rigs just for the fun of it.

(my favorite at present)


PYcolorheel.jpg (36269 bytes) Even when it gets breezy she can be made to "stay on her feet" by simply weighting her keel with a washer or coin. PYdockwasher.jpg (19418 bytes)
PYstacked.jpg (16272 bytes) A fleet of Pond Yachts prepare for a voyage to a boat show...
PYjessykeel.jpg (27480 bytes)

seed the dream...

PYjessysail.jpg (26981 bytes)  
... start them dreaming...


Many ways to sail...

(sketches here representing the different sailing modes.)


Free Sailing…

If you have access to a pond or swimming pool where you can walk the whole perimeter you can “free sail” your boat. This is the age old art of choosing a course based on wind conditions then setting sail and letting her go. A long stick can be helpful for course corrections. 

Chase boat...

If you have a canoe or rowboat on a small lake or stream, you can follow your craft in your “chase boat.” Remember to wear your PFDs (personal floatation devices) and stay safe!

Line Retrieval…

A spool of light (6 lb test) monofilament fishing line (or a rod & reel) attached to a screw eye on the bow of your boat will allow you to let her loose in larger bodies of water. Her range is then limited to the length of your line. A tug will bring her about and you can reel in her line as she sails back to you. Keep you eyes open for powerboats that might not notice the line connecting you to your boat! (Don’t ask me how I know this…) Never swim after your boat! Stay safe!

Control Line Sailing…

If your cruising grounds includes a span of water you can walk along or wade in you might consider line control. In this case, instead of fixing your main sheet in the cleat post, you run it through a small eye at the stern and attach fishing line to that. The result is you can control the trim of the sail with the play in your line, and the slight pressure on the stern behaves almost like a rudder.

Swim along...

In the safety of a pool or swimming area you can swim along with your pond yacht and get a fish eyes view of the action...

Simplicity Boats Pond Yacht kits includes the following...  One solid pine hull with three mast steps and two cleat posts.
4 masts
4 mast sleeves
6 sails...

1 spritsail
1 sharpie main sail
1 sharpie mizzen sail
1 lug sail
1 lateen sail
1 jib

8 booms & spars
rigging line
2 eye screws
4 mast head flags
sand paper
Thorough written and pictorial instructions for assembly and sailing. 
Booklet... "A Brief History of Sail" with suggested exercises for experientially re-tracing the evolution of sail power.

PYwingnwing.jpg (22109 bytes) These craft are ideal for experimenting with and learning about the different points of sail. Here she's enjoying a downwind run "wing an' wing."
PYcolorheel.jpg (36269 bytes) My current favorite rig is a Cat Ketch, with a sprit main and  a sharpie mizzen. 
PYspritketch.jpg (16119 bytes)
PYlug.jpg (13247 bytes) Here Dream Catcher is sporting a Mediterranean style balanced lug sail.
 PYaltkeel.jpg (17960 bytes) The fin keel can also be sanded thinner across one end and mounted as shown.   
 PYtwinsharmains.jpg (15548 bytes)  PYtwinsharmain2.jpg (9967 bytes)  P9250051.jpg (53970 bytes)
 A ketch rig of two sharpie mains can be used in light airs.
 Trimming the aft sail out slightly farther than the main makes her self correct when she tries to head down wind.
 She sure looks pretty wing an' wing
Penny Pine Puddle Sailors! 
by Simplicity Boats  - Who says a penny won't go far these days?
 PPPsprit1.jpg (8805 bytes) At just 6 inches long and 2 inches wide these boats really sail!    PPPbermuda1.jpg (10140 bytes)
  Ever feel that just a little extra cash could help you stay on your feet? Well, with these Penny Pine Puddle Sailors it only takes a penny! 

Here is a simple recipe....

Take your new skiff, 
add a puff of moving air (a breeze to a blow) 
a dash of water (from a puddle to an ocean) 
combine with some time to play (a few minutes to a few hours) 
mix well ... 
This can lead to a lifetime addiction to sailboats, water, and nature!   enjoy....

Please send pictures!

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