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by Simplicity Boats 

of Traditional

Experience our fine line of affordable, quality model sailboats that REALLY sail !

All made of top quality materials to last a life time... get a "future heirloom" today. Your grandchildren's kids will thank you!


When I was 9 years old, a model sailboat in a toy store window got me dreaming about sailing. I saved for many weeks to buy it, and spent many hours enthralled with imaginary voyages. It looked real good, but could have been even more inspiring if it had sailed well.  PYjessysail.jpg (26981 bytes)
I've been making model boats for years trying to come up with one that was simple, good looking & rugged but most importantly would sail really well. I also added to my design "wish list" a potential to explore the behavior of different sail rigs. 
We named our first Dream Catcher skiff, "Skitzy" meaning either a ritzy skiff, or a pschitzy skiff in that her many rigs lend a variety of personalities to your craft. She is sort of the "Transformer" (tm) of model sailboats, with enough variety to spark anyone's imagination!

There's nothing quite so powerfully creative as a dream held in a youthful mind...  SEED THE DREAM...

SBpondyacht2.jpg (17103 bytes)  I'm happy to report I finally have developed a kit that has started sparking the imaginations of many a young sailor. SBpondyacht1.jpg (23987 bytes)

Her assembly requires no tools or glue. Our simple step by step instructions can have you sailing in minutes.

She can be "bare boat" sailed - un-finshed wood - or painted and decorated to the captains whim.

 PYdockwasher.jpg (19418 bytes)  

PYcolorheel.jpg (36269 bytes)


The hull is solid pine, 12" long by 3 1/4" beam. Her lines are based loosely on my sharpie skiffs Daydream & award-winning Summer Breeze.

Our "Skitzy Skiff" comes with precut sails and spars enough to make an assortment of rig configurations. Her moveable keel allows great flexibility in rig balance. You can choose your favorite rig and be sailing her in minutes. Or you can explore through the exercises in "A Brief History of Sail" and maybe learn a thing or two about how sailboats work, or the pros and cons of various rigs. 

The ripstop nylon sails have sewn in mast sleeves allowing speedy and simple rig changes. This allows quick changes to suit changing wind conditions, and also experimentation with different rigs just for the fun of it.
(my favorite at present)
PYcolorheel.jpg (36269 bytes) Even when it gets breezy she  "stays on her feet" due to her effective all metal self righting keel.
PYstacked.jpg (16272 bytes) A fleet of Pond Yachts prepare for a voyage to a boat show...
PYjessykeel.jpg (27480 bytes)

seed the dream...

PYjessysail.jpg (26981 bytes)  
... start them dreaming...


Simplicity Boats "Skitzy" Pond Skiff kit includes the following...  One carved solid wood hull with multiple mast steps .
4 masts
6 sails...

1 spritsail
1 sharpie main sail
1 sharpie mizzen sail
1 lug sail
1 lateen sail
1 jib

8 booms & spars
rigging line
high wind metal keel
2 eye screws
4 mast head flags
sand paper
Thorough written and pictorial instructions for assembly and sailing. 
Booklet... "A Brief History of Sail" with suggested exercises for experientially re-tracing the evolution of sail power.

PYwingnwing.jpg (22109 bytes) These craft are ideal for experimenting with and learning about the different points of sail. Here she's enjoying a downwind run "wing an' wing."
PYcolorheel.jpg (36269 bytes) My current favorite rig is a Cat Ketch, with a sprit main and  a sharpie mizzen. 
PYspritketch.jpg (16119 bytes)
PYlug.jpg (13247 bytes) Here "Skitzy" is sporting her Mediterranean style balanced lug sail.
 PYaltkeel.jpg (17960 bytes) The fin keel can also be sanded thinner across one end and mounted as shown.   
 PYtwinsharmains.jpg (15548 bytes)  PYtwinsharmain2.jpg (9967 bytes)  P9250051.jpg (53970 bytes)
 A ketch rig of two sharpie mains can be used in light airs.
 Trimming the aft sail out slightly farther than the main makes her self correct when she tries to head down wind.
 She sure looks pretty wing an' wing
Blue Heron - a two masted Florida sharpie 
by Simplicity Boats  - 
SB18ripstop.jpg (10738 bytes) This boat is 18" long with the traditional rounded stern. Her sails are ripstop nylon, available in a variety of colors. She goes together in minutes and sails like a dream. 

Her traditional sprit "leg o' mutton" sails cut a lovely profile as she leans into an almost imperceptible breeze.

 SB18lean.jpg (21679 bytes)
 Our all metal high wind keels render all our boats un-swampable. Oh she may take an occasional knock down, but she's right back on her feet sailing in an instant!   
Penny Pine Puddle Sailors! 
by Simplicity Boats  - Who says a penny won't go far these days?
 PPPsprit1.jpg (8805 bytes) At just 6 inches long and 2 inches wide these boats really sail!    PPPbermuda1.jpg (10140 bytes)
  Ever feel that just a little extra cash could help you stay on your feet? Well, with these Penny Pine Puddle Sailors it only takes a penny! 

The first and still the "flag ship" of our line is "Skitzy" - more than a boat,  she's an education in traditional sailing rigs. Don't know a ketch from a yawl from a schooner... or a sprit from a snotter? Well you will in no time after playing with Skitzy. Her wardrobe of sail allows for many different rig configurations. Her unique multiple position keel allows perfect balance of her many rigs. Nothing like hands on experience to teach you how to set the sails of a sprit ketch rig to make her self steer in a blow.

If you already have a favorite rig that you're loyal to, you might want one of our "Future Heirloom" boats. Each come with a quality pine hull, ripstop nylon sail rig (available in assorted colors), all brass hardware and a solid steel high wind keel. These boats are made so your grandchildren will be using them to teach their kids about sailing. They look great as good on your mantle or coffee table as they do bounding over the waves!

Here is "Blue Heron" - an 18" two masted sharpie reminiscent of those that plied the waters pulling oysters out of the Chesapeak Bay and delivering mail in South Florida at the turn of the century. Her graceful lines and gently rounded transom contribute to her distinctive look.

"Foot Loose" has a 12" skiff hull sporting a loose footed peaked sprit rig popular with fisherman and working boatman for a hundred years. They had more important things to do than ducking booms - which they considered a literal pain in the neck. (Is that why they're called "booms?")

"Sloopy" is our small tribute to the modern sail rig. Though we tend to prefer the rigs of yesteryear ourselves, if you've just got to have a Burmudan main and a jib, Sloopy is your baby.

If it's some little tyke your shopping for a fleet of "Puddle Pals" is both fun and affordable.

Here is a Simple Skiff recipe....

Take your new skiff, 
add a puff of moving air (a breeze to a blow) 
a dash of water (from a puddle to an ocean) 
combine with some time to play (a few minutes to a few hours) 
mix well ... 
This can lead to a lifetime addiction to sailboats, water, and nature!   enjoy....

Please send pictures!

PSdeanboats.jpg (46219 bytes) Thought you would like this picture of Dean and the little sail boats. Dean read Stewart Little and he dressed up as George and read the Sail Boat Chapter to his class today. He used his boat and Benjamin's and you can see Stewart sitting on the "Wasp". Of course the 'Wasp" won the sail boat race. Hope the boys get to finish the boat soon. (Their building one of my Mini-Sharpies.)

Experimental Plastic sails you can make for pennies...

A variety of sailing methods for your boat.

A little Pond Skiff survey... to help us know what to build for you...

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