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Pond Skiff Survey...

I'm taking an informal survey to help me decide which of my boats to make more of. If you'd take a moment to check some boxes to tell me what you might or might not be attracted to buying, it would really help me out.

Which of these boats would you be attracted to owning? 
(you can pick more than one):

Skitzy  -  12" pond skiff  with multiple sail rigs  $39
Blue Heron  -  18" Two masted Sharpie  $34
Foot Loose  -   12" single rig pond skiff  $25
Sloopy    -   12" single rig pond skiff  $25
Lugger     -   12" single rig pond skiff  $25
Lateener     -   12" single rig pond skiff  $25
Puddle Pal   -   6" sailers...$8 each 3 for $20

Which of the following is most important to you:

Heirloom quality and longevity
Ease of assembly
Sailing Performance
Traditional looks

Your comments, or suggestions for other rigs etc.

Thanks again for taking the time to give your opinions!

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