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Bob Poston...

Of Gainesville Florida has been teaching boat building for the past 3 years through Community Education.

bobposton2.jpg (48452 bytes) Bob is a Teacher by day and a boat builder by night. He helps folks build 151/2'  plywood canoes during eight 3 hour classes. They are based on Mike O'Brien's "Six Hour Canoe" but many variations are possible. 

bobs6hour.jpg (48669 bytes) Here's one of Bob's canoes going for a sea trial on Newnan's Lake boat ramp outside Gainesville. 

student6hour.jpg (48378 bytes) Here's one of Bob's students boats. Note the dowel handles bow and stern that take the place of breasthooks or decks. (That raised seat looked a bit iffy to me... I like to sit on the bottom of these boats.)

wide6hour.jpg (48302 bytes) Here's a wider bottomed version geared for more stability while fishing. It's not quite finished yet.

kids6hour.jpg (15963 bytes) kid6hour2.jpg (15658 bytes) kid6hour3.jpg (15748 bytes) kid6hour4.jpg (16609 bytes)  

A few enthusiastic kids couldn't resist begging Bob to let them give his boats a try. Out come some  life vests, and after a quick paddling lesson they all had a splashing good time. Bob has helped kids build boats at local elementary schools as well.

Bob has also built an Optimist Pram as well as other boats. For more information you can email him at:



HOME - Dream Catcher Model Sailboat  Kits Ready For Christmas!