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Lining holes with plastic pipe ... or

      Alternative Bow line loop in small skiffs...

I've heard a good way to prevent water infiltration into plywood end grain, at vulnerable wear points like holes a line runs through, is to line the hole with plastic pipe.  In this case it is 1/2" CPVC (which is kind of cream colored) which fits perfectly inside a 5/8" hole. 

My Mini-sharpie had no stem to drill a bow line (painter) hole through and the deck is peaked making mounting a normal cleat awkward. So I came up with this solution.

PVCholeline1.jpg (24406 bytes) .I drilled a hole in a scrap of 1/4" ply and used it as a guide to cut 1/4 slices of pipe.
PVCholeline2.jpg (11404 bytes) I am putting two holes in my Mini-Sharpie for a bow line loop. I made a symmetrical marking gauge by folding over a piece of cardboard.
PVCholeline3.jpg (14558 bytes) .Held firmly in place I marked both sides with an awl.
PVCholeline4.jpg (12880 bytes) I drill a 5/8" hole. .I like Forstner bits for nice clean holes in plywood, but a spade bit could do. 

(Do yours before the deck goes on so you can clamp a back up block in to prevent splintering of the ply.(

PVCholeline5.jpg (13206 bytes) .I stuck the slices of pipe back in the scrap of ply to sand them smooth, which wouldn't be necessary if I'd installed this detail before the boat was painted. 

A little duck tape behind the hole and a dab of 5 minute epoxy around the edge and....

PVCholeline6.jpg (10692 bytes) .She pops in flush.... 
PVCholeline7.jpg (15994 bytes) .When the boat is still rough, you can take a sander to it after it dries.
minsharpbowloop.jpg (13445 bytes) Here's the finished set up with the bow loop in place.

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