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P1010013.jpg (65501 bytes)Cedar Key 2002 SBtrim.jpg (36375 bytes)

Chuck's Summer Breeze among a small forest of masts 
on the beach in front of the Island Place Hotel.
SBtow.jpg (71024 bytes) Chuck and Sandra Leinweber of Duckworks Magazine fame, towing the two Summer Breezes behind their Caprice on the way to Atsena Otie key. We look like a mama duck and her ducklings. (they towed well) SBnCaprice.jpg (57392 bytes)
breezesbeach.jpg (64114 bytes) Two Breezes and Jim Michalak's Caprice. Chuck has a taller mast and a "higher aspect" rig originally designed to use an oar as a spar. This didn't work out well, so the yard is a stick and it is a loose footed standing lug, with a salty looking reef tied into it.
SBtrim.jpg (36375 bytes) Of course the great air was yesterday, when no one had a camera out. Wish we had a shot of Julie and I and Mocha blasting out to the island Saturday afternoon. If any of our fellow "mess abouters" happened to get us on camera let me know.
boardtweaking.jpg (27435 bytes) Chuck and David tweaking the leeboard and engrossed in discussing the pros and cons of lead... an insight from Chuck is that a leeboard relying on friction, rather than weight, is best mounted on the port side. The reason is when the board tilts up when hitting bottom the wing nut loosens rather than tightens, as it does on the starboard side. 
wereoff.jpg (19547 bytes) Let's go find some air!
SBsolo.jpg (20712 bytes) SBsolo2.jpg (19273 bytes)
SBsolo4.jpg (33913 bytes) Let's go grab the other Breeze and joust!!
LizzieG2.jpg (83800 bytes) We are graced with a visit from the Lizzie G. a traditionally built Cedar Key sharpie, complete with cotton sails! Mocha is trying to fetch their anchor... Here's an article on her and her skipper builders. More pics of her at last years meet. lizzyG.jpg (59094 bytes)
jousting1.jpg (19354 bytes) Enough of gorgeous historically accurate boats... on with the joust!! jousting2.jpg (16336 bytes) What's that? Is he firing over our bow? jousting3.jpg (15063 bytes) Prepare to be boarded!
jousting4.jpg (14315 bytes) Are you looting or pillaging?  jousting5.jpg (10807 bytes) Hmmm...pillaging I think? Trim your ship! You look like the front half of a Featherwind! jousting6.jpg (11570 bytes) Oh yeah? Well I will lounge decadently and steer with my feet, you willy wivered wout!
jousting7trim.jpg (14563 bytes)Two can play that game you grog guzzling... muffin head! jousting8.jpg (18480 bytes) Running out of pirate insults are we? jousting9.1.jpg (21307 bytes) We've got a little loot left, but we're fresh out of pillage and insults.
jousting9.2.jpg (20413 bytes)Aaargh... I hate it when I run out of insults. Mime jousting anyone? jousting9.3.jpg (17238 bytes) jousting9.4.jpg (13602 bytes)
jousting9.5.jpg (11792 bytes)

(A sneak peak at the stretched double ended twin masted Summer Breeze schooner!)

jousting9.6.jpg (14924 bytes) OK, I give up you win, let's go see what the Gals are doing. jousting9.7.jpg (17310 bytes) Race you to the beach!
SBrace1.jpg (56762 bytes) Always announce "the race is on!" when you're way out ahead.
SBwindshadow.jpg (39889 bytes) He's overtaking me in the last 50 feet! 
Oh the old wind shadow trick is it?

(I'm being followed by a wind shadow, wiiiind shadow wind shadow....)

breezesbeach2.jpg (78983 bytes)  The Breezes wait for us to pillage a picnic....

The sea trials were a smashing success. Julie loved the lounge space, the leeboard making the whole boat a roomy cockpit. She also found the inwales perfect for tying all our gear and provision bags. Summer Breeze handled wind and waves well, sailed responsively and generated a lot of fun conversations.

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