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Vern Senterfit of Gainesville and Melrose Florida. 

Here I'll be covering some of our local boys and the boats they're building.

I'll start with Vern Senterfit's latest creation, since it just got wet yesterday. (Oct 23rd, 2000)

sherrylaunch1.jpg (34832 bytes) Vern on his way to launch his 9 1/2' Cosine Wherry. It's strip built from redwood. 

sherryvern.jpg (18872 bytes) He has already built a 14' wherry, so he omitted some forms and tweaked them a little to get it all fair. Being a short wherry he's calling her "Sherry. "

sherryvern2.jpg (16353 bytes) She floats a little high in the water with just Vern aboard. She felt  a little tender for his taste. I told him to get his swim suite on and bash around in her to get a feel for when her reserve buoyancy kicks in.

sherrytwo.jpg (21834 bytes) Once I climbed in she began to settle down a good bit. 

sherrythree.jpg (13503 bytes) Then Ted Srygley decided to risk  it too. She seems to really like to be loaded.

sherrythree2.jpg (18565 bytes) Still plenty of freeboard with three. (A moment after this shot when Vern and I stepped out, Ted found out where any bilge water goes if your sitting in the bow alone....;-)

Vern has also built a pirogue, a self designed row boat, a canoe and a couple of larger wherries. 

Next I'm going to try to get Vern to tell us about his row boat which is cdx ply and paint and is holding up quite well. 

You can email Vern at:




HOME - Dream Catcher Model Sailboat  Kits Ready For Christmas!