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Shantyboat dreams!

I've been incubating shantyboat dreams for some years now, so thought I'd put some links and resources in one place.

Here's Joe McWilliams' mother load Shantyboat Page

Here's my Shantydock project. An 8'x16' swim platform with an arched roof.
Here are my reprints of plans for Cool Water. A 1940's getaway houseboat on a $70 budget!
Here's a page where I explore a possible framing plan and materials estimate for small shantyboat.
Here's a "minishantyboat" by Jim Michalak called Harmonica. (this link is off my site)
shantus1.gif (12897 bytes)
SHANTEUSE, SHANTYBOAT, 16' X 6', 700 POUNDS EMPTY. Another Jim Michalak design. A stretched Harmonica.


This is a sketch by the great Phil Bolger. He no longer sells the plans, though I wish he did. He feels nobody should put this much work into a hull that isn't a "real" boat. ;-)

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