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Mini Sharpie  vs.  Jambalaya (cajun canoe)...

Here are some shots showing a variety of crew aboard.

MS16yrold.jpg (18124 bytes) This is my friend Justin - he weighs about 115 lbs.
MSdavidrow.jpg (23023 bytes) .My first sea trial in her. I weigh 175 lbs
minsharpdavsiena.jpg (27246 bytes) Me and a visiting 8 yr old friend named Siena - not sure how much she weighs?
minsharpmag.jpg (22272 bytes) .Two 8 yr. old neighbor girls...
Not having completed the sail rig for the Mini - Sharpie I don't have pictures, but here's one of me in my first one sheet boat Cygnet. I did sail her with Kayla in the bow (40 lbs) I never sailed her with a child aboard. Julie says I look a bit like one of those clown in the circus in little cars. So you see, though its maximum capacity allows for a child and an adult, it really is better suited to one grown person or a kid or two.
wackaudi11.jpg (25878 bytes) .Here's Audrey in her first few minutes of paddling.
audikidswack12.jpg (26673 bytes) .She takes some neighbor kids for a spin.
wack4kids.jpg (25528 bytes) .And here are 4 syblings learning to paddle (on a teather.)

 That's about all I can show you in pictures. I hope this helps.

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