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Ted Srygley of Archer Florida builds kids canoes! 
(click images for larger photo)

Well, that's not all he builds, but it's what has his attention at the moment. I believe he started with a plywood pirogue and then moved on to canoes.

tedcanoe.jpg (98923 bytes) Here I'm admiring Ted's strip built Wee Lassie canoe at a local Lake Santa  Fe clean up event. 

tedstripcan.jpg (96008 bytes) Here's a better view of it. Western red cedar covered with glass, epoxy and varnish.

tedcanoes.jpg (101534 bytes) His kids canoes are his own design. They have 1/8" plywood sides and 1/4" plywood bottoms. No frames, so they nestle stack very well. (It's a good thing because he's always hauling a load of them across country for grand kids and nephews and nieces.) The paddles are 1/8" ply blades on closet rod poles. 

tedkidcan.jpg (79104 bytes) Here Ted is getting ready for some sea trials. The larger boat on the right is actually a "mama canoe" and you can nestle two or more kids canoes inside it for easy cartoping  to a family adventure. (OK Ted, where's the "papa canoe" ?)

You can email questions or comments to: 

Ted Srygley <>


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