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sternsailart3S.jpg (49905 bytes) Summer Breeze! - This is the story of an 11'8" long 50" beam 16" sides, 500 lb capacity skiff from two sheets of 1/4" 4x8 plywood. Award winning - She won the 2001 Duckworks design contest.

Bevin Builder Home
Getting Started
Sides, Stern, Transom
Nailing on the bottom
Deck Beam
Quarter Knees
Seat Risers
Keel & Skeg
Oar Locks
Painter & Oars
Fill, Sand & Paint

Email Support List
Your Pictures
Welcome to the ASF Online
Community Boatbuilding Guide
Beginning July 29, three groups of builders around the country will begin constructing their Bevin kits from this online guide and the support of the ASF staff through our online builders email list. Check back to see pictures they send in and to read their comments and questions along the way.

If you are one of our builders, please take a moment to sign up with our Bevin Builders email list hosted by Topica. For those of you wishing to follow along you can go directly to the message archive to read previous messages.

We are ready and willing to provide you online support as you build your Bevins and we hope you will send us digital pictures of your progress to share with others through this Web site.. Pictures should be in JPEG format and may be sent directly to our Web coordinator for this project at

The Bevin is fun and easy to build, so get out your tools fire up your modem and get ready to start getting covered in saw dust. Soon you will be joining the hundreds of other Bevin owners already afloat!
The ASF Online Community Boatbuilding Project is presented in association with WoodenBoat Publications and the Virginia Business-Education Partnership.

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