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P4130156.jpg (62105 bytes) There is a smattering of info I've found on the net about the Chinese Yuloh, the Japanese Ro, the Bahamian sculling oar and single oar propulsion in general. I'm making an effort to gather some of it in one place with links to the original articles.

This is a picture of a Yuloh lashed to a pretty little double ender I saw in Port Townsend Washington.

1Scullings.jpg (8869 bytes) Probably the most comprehensive coverage of the subject can be found in this article reprinted from Woodenboat #100 June, '91

another copy here.

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As might be expected amidst the wealth of obscure information on Craig O'Donnell's "Cheap Pages" you'll find some good Yuloh stuff.

Ro, Ro, Ro your boat!

Here's info on the Japanese Ro, with a bit of debatable hydrodynamic lift explanations.


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Mark Zeiger documents his making of a Yuloh for his Bolger Martha Jane. Check out the rest of his site while you're there.

Tom MacNaughton offers scaleable Yuloh plans for $18
Mechanized Yuloh? Yup, a steam engine of potery and goat skin power double cargo canoes along the Niger River in West Africa.

I can only get to Michael's site about half the time.

If his link doesn't work you can see the article here.

The $10 - 3 hour Yuloh! My own experiments with a yuloh for my shanty dock.

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