Shantydock Details...  (the build, the launch, sails)

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steps1.jpg (60319 bytes)
Rather than have a ladder take up deck space I attached steps to the aft stern post. They work really well. Even the kids use them easily. We anchored out in the middle (of Little Lake Swan - in Melrose Florida) on the 4th of July, watched fireworks and jumped from the roof into the water. We contributed our mandatory quota of splashing and laughing to the occasion. 

mastcradle2.jpg (29391 bytes) Here's the mast cradle on the aft post. The spacer is slightly thicker than the 2x4 mast, so the fit is loose enough to be easy.

mastcradle.jpg (33241 bytes)
With the mast in the cradle you can see the cradle cheek has an angled corner to help guide the mast in. I rounded only the aft edge of the mast to keep from chaffing the sail. The 2x4 seems a little skimpy for this length, so I wanted to leave as much wood on her as possible.


mastbolt.jpg (53891 bytes) Here's the raised mast with a six in carriage bolt securing it with a washer and wing nut on the other side. There is a cleat for the halyard and the down haul.

And speaking of cleats.....

Cleat making...
cleat1.jpg (21331 bytes) Starting with 7 inch lengths of pressure treat 2x4s, I angled my table saw blade and cut these V notches.

cleat1b.jpg (46975 bytes)
Leaving them joined will make it easier to round the corners with my router.

cleat2b.jpg (37411 bytes)
A 3/4" carbide quarter round knocks off all the edges nicely. Watch your grain direction while feeding. "Back feeding" (opposite the normal feed direction) while nibbling the wood away will often help avoid chatter and split out. 


cleat3.jpg (37547 bytes)
Then I split them on the table saw and predrilled for counter sunk 3 1/2" galvanized deck screws. 


cleat4.jpg (59378 bytes) Here they are ready for action. They suite the feel of the shanty dock better than "store bought" cleats, and besides, they were almost free! (Messing about making gizmos for boats is not classified as work, and I'm told, like time spent on the water it is not subtracted from your allotted total on the planet.

partybarge.jpg (36113 bytes) Ok, not technically a detailed shot, but it captures the feel of a boat load of folks, kids and dogs. She tolerates huge loads gracefully, since she has no real performance to compromise! We get out there, have fun, and get home. Mission accomplished!

moonfloat.jpg (36004 bytes)
Drifting under a full moon is to be lost in a water color painting. We haven't slept out on her yet, but I'm sure we will. 


Some Details of her cleats, steps etc can be seen here. 

David Beede  simplicityboats

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