Shantydock Launch! 
(the Build, she  Sails, the Details

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P7010140.jpg (95401 bytes) The first miracle is that the launch went on schedule just one week from the Sunday we started her. Here folks are arriving and doing their best to estimate her weight, dividing by the number of folks, and remembering a dentist appointment they needed to go to.

P7010143.jpg (42341 bytes) Hemming and hawing over with, everyone springs into action. The roof comes off first and heads down to the water. Those overhangs now make great carry handles. A big thank you to Hal for reminding us to label the parts before we dismantled her.


P7010147.jpg (72836 bytes)
After loading all the decking into the trailer, the plan was to lift the frame onto the trailer as well. Not these folks of action. "We don't need no stinkin' trailer!" they cry as they make a break towards the beach.

P7010149.jpg (77919 bytes) While the carry was underway, the barrel tenders positioned the corner barrels. These barrels were different sizes so it was important where they went. They were all labeled of course.

P7010151.jpg (61525 bytes)
Partial victory! With all the barrels in place and none of the decking or roof she floats pretty high. Ran out of time to pre-install the decking and leave a couple of strategic boards in place to keep the barrels down. Some are trying to squeeze through their compartments. This will prove a problem later.

P7010153.jpg (67506 bytes)
The corner posts are bolted in place and the roof raised without incident. (Thanks again to Hal for labeling.) There were temporary 1x4 stops screwed to the posts so the roof could rest on them while the bolts were driven home. Now for the decking brigade. All numbered so it drops in place easily. 


P7010172.jpg (57504 bytes)
As we screw down the decking, half inch spacers for between the boards and 3.5" spacers for the overhang, it appears our boards are shrinking or our dock is growing. It seems my choice to omit the glue on the rail spacers was an error. Two barrels force the screws from the end grain of the spacers. A few boards get removed and a couple of bar clamps and some 3.5" deck screws solved the problem.

P7010178.jpg (58671 bytes) Splashing kids and dogs stand by at the ready!

P7010192.jpg (61597 bytes) How many folks can you fit onto a shantydock? In our case 17 adults 3 kids and two dogs. She's riding a bit below her designed marks, but still afloat!

P7010201.jpg (51820 bytes) Victory! John Moran, our resident pro - photographer gets artsy... or maybe he's been on a rocking dock too long?

P7010203.jpg (28812 bytes) WE DID IT! Now it's time for some (more) beer, and a cook out.

P7020207.jpg (41751 bytes) She hangs lazy at anchor, looking much better then the drawings. 

Next adventure... the trolling motor and the lug sail!


David Beede  simplicityboats

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