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Summer Breeze! - 
This is the story of an 11'8" long 50" beam 16" sides, 500 lb capacity skiff from two sheets of 1/4" 4x8 plywood. - She won the 2001 Duckworks design contest. 
Getting started
Quarter knees
Mast Partner
Keel & Skeg
Mast & Spars

Summer Breeze was designed to be the most boat from the least materials. It is a robust all purpose skiff  targeted primarily at pleasurable rowing and sailing in protected waters, but also suitable for a small motor. Itís light enough to car top, narrow enough for most truck beds and yet has capacity for two adults and a child. (Or a dog and their gear, or no dog or kid, just a bunch of gear. Or one really huge guy with a bottle of wine and binoculars! Your choice...)

It also uses the fewest specialized tools or skills. There is no lofting. The sides are created with all straight cuts that can even be done with a hand saw. The sides are then stacked and a hand plane or rasp, or belt sander is used to round a gentle curve in the rocker. The bottom perimeter cut is traced from the bent sides. (Though offsets may be available if you crave connecting dots.)

The edge joining of plywood sheets is required, but the skarfing of the sides and back is done with simple butt blocks and weights or a staple gun, for clamping.

The boat can be built either stitch and glue or chine log & nails or screws.

(I personally prefer the later, as I prefer wood working and nailing to handling epoxy and fiberglass.)

When fully loaded with two adults and gear (up to 500 lbs) her transom and stem barely touch the water. This translates into very little wake and consequent easy rowing or sailing. She can take a small motor as is, but if the primary desire is a motor skiff the transom can be widened, made more vertical, reinforced and the rocker decreased. (See variations.) Scott Widmier uses a 4 horse outboard on his Summer Breeze, he named 30 Grit.  


HOME - Dream Catcher Model Sailboat  Kits Ready For Christmas!